Blooming Buds and Growing Vegetables


Things are moving along here at the Cherry Hill Urban Garden. Our fruit trees have started budding and blooming into beautiful flowers and leaves. Check out the pictures below

IMG_8989photo 2

We have been busy at work adding more garden beds/rows. Last year we had eight and we are now up to 13 with two more still to go! So far we’ve planted arugula, various lettuces and other vegetables in all of our beds.

photo 3photo 1

We’re also growing scallions in two of our beds. They have been growing oh-so fast! The images below were taken one week apart so you can see their progress.

IMG_8987photo 1

In the green house, our tomatoes and other vegetables have started sprouting. We’ve started transferring the mature crops into the garden beds.

photo 2 (3)IMG_8901

We’ll continue to keep you posted as we move along. Keep checking back or stop by the garden to see for yourself!

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