Juanita Ewell, Founder and Manager (2010-2015). A resident of Cherry Hill and chairperson of the Cherry Hill Development Corporation’s Economic Development Committee, Juanita was deeply committed to helping the neighborhood reach its potential.

Johnnie Brown, Manager (2016 – Present).

David, Community Member (2011 – Present). The first returning volunteer from the neighborhood, Juanita’s right hand man.

Joanna Winkler, Manager, (2014-2015).

Pamela Hargest, Manager (2014-2015).

Nadine Braunstein, PhD, RD, Project Director (2010-2013). Assistant Professor at Towson University. In addition, she is the Project Director for a USDA People’s Garden Grant to bring community gardens, school gardens, and education to the Cherry Hill community.  (Learn more about the Cherry Hill People’s Garden Grant here.) Her grant-writing expertise and constant encouragement are invaluable to the Eat Healthy Live Healthy Urban Garden.

Garrett Bent, Manager (2013 – 2014). Worked closely with Hamilton before his leave in 2012 and managed the garden alongside Juanita.

Hamilton Trimm, Field Manager (2012). Worked closely with Ally in 2011, and continued to manage several months after her leave in 2012. Hamilton studied and practiced organic farming for over four years before joining the Eat Healthy Live Healthy Urban Garden.

Ally Schonfeld, Field Manager (2011-2012). Over three years of experience in urban agriculture. Beginning Farmer Training Program graduate, sponsored by Future Harvest CASA.

The Eat Healthy Live Healthy Urban Garden would also like to recognize the support of:

Ann McLean

Michael Middleton

Reverend Donald Fest and St. Veronica’s Catholic Church

Kevin Rogers


L-R: Frog, Juanita and Garrett, early 2013 building the high tunnel.

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